What should I write or tweet about on my twitter account?

September 16, 2013


Another question that I get asked a lot is, “What should I write about on my twitter account?”

I came across this great article that gives a simple answer that anyone can easily follow, it came from Oliver Snoody speaking at the Brighton SEO conference.

Important tips to remember when writing Twitter posts or Tweets:

a) Plan for the everyday. If you have a brand or service that is used everyday you can find the best time to engage.

b) Plan for shared moments. Royal Events, Sports Events, TV shows, Elections etc etc

c) Leverage off other brands and twitter users. See what the Celebrities are doing and see if you can use it. Source

These are simple avenues of communication that you can follow to help relate to your current customers and connect to like minded new leads.

Very much like a conversation that you might have with a new person you meet, using current events and pop culture trends can start a conversation.  After all, the reason that you are tweeting is to build rapport and meet new leads.  You should not be selling anything rather just building new relationships and educating them on what your company is all about.

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